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I find myself talking about good hydration in the exam room more often these days – especially during wintertime in Pittsburgh with the heat in our homes on (hopefully not for much longer!), our work lives including the computer, dry offices, and especially if you work in a hospital (driest place ever!), and these masks!!   Those of us who wear a mask all day are finding it less convenient to drink water as much as we should (am I alone here?) and therefore we are getting in way less water than we might have a year ago.


Seriously though, dehydration can certainly exacerbate dry eyes and I’m constantly reminding my patients to DRINK MORE WATER!!  Our tear film is much more deficient when we aren’t probably hydrated.  I always say – if your skin is dry and your lips are chapped then chances are your eyes are dry too.


On that topic – don’t forget that caffeine, alcohol, and salty foods can also deplete us and will contribute to our dehydration.  By no means, though,  should you give any of that up  (all our faves!) but definitely have them in moderation and absolutely supplement with more water if you are taking in any of these in your diet.


Another benefit will be plump and glowing skin!  And who doesn’t love that.