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Shadyside Eye Blog/Information Center

Hello! And welcome to the new Dry Eye and Scleral Lens Information Center! I want to help get information out to you all to help guide, remind, and educate you on dry eye, scleral lenses, ocular health, technology, and anything else that might be useful knowledge that I can pass along! Feel free to ask questions – via email or DM on Instagram.

A little background on SEA and myself, I am Dr. Telega – I am an optometrist and I started SEA in 2013 with a strong interest in dry eye (more on that later) and specialty contact lens fittings. These two concepts go hand in hand and I felt they really were under served in the Pittsburgh area. Dry eye is more of an umbrella term, like “pink eye”, it doesn’t really mean much anymore. Dry eye is multifactorial and oftentimes related to both internal and external causes. And, in my opinion, “dry eye” really downplays how severe, painful, and life altering it can be. But, I still use the term anyway….trust me though, I get it. Ocular inflammation is more appropriate but still not specific enough.

So, I’m hoping to leave some information here from time to time to help anyone suffering to learn about new treatment options, and new science but without being too formal and science-y. Also try to follow us on Instagram and facebook for images and helpful times as well.


Introducing new scleral lens technology … The Eaglet!

I’m so excited to tell everyone that we have the Eaglet Scleral Profilometry technology here at the office!!   I have adopted this technology in February 2021 and am in love with what the unit is able to do.  If you are scleral lens wearer, then you know how huge this...

Scleral Lenses for Dry Eye 🙂

Hi!  I can’t begin to convey my excitement for scleral lenses and all their various applications through text – but I’m going to try.  They are incredible.  And for the patients that need them – certainly life changing.   There are numerous reasons why a patient may seek a scleral contact...

Dry Eye….aka Inflammation

Hi!  So, many of you know that I take a special interest in dry eye.  Since day one in my career – over 15 years ago (gasp!) – I have always thought that “dry eye” was a severely undertreated condition and a lot of people were suffering, glued to their...

Happy Spring!

This time of year, I am always finding myself talking to patients nonstop about allergies.   Things are blooming here in the city at a rapid pace since it’s been so warm (and sunny!) and that really does create a lot of issues for allergy sufferers.   Itchy, watery, puffy eyes are...


HYDRATION!!!     I find myself talking about good hydration in the exam room more often these days – especially during wintertime in Pittsburgh with the heat in our homes on (hopefully not for much longer!), our work lives including the computer, dry offices, and especially if you work in...

Dry Eye and Scleral Lens Information Center

Dry Eye and Scleral Lens Information Center

Summer in the City!!

Summer in the City!!   Finally, blue skies and baseball and music festivals and days at the park…. I have been waiting for this forever! Or since last year. And if you are a current patient of mine, you know that everyone who leaves my office gets the warning –...

Is it Dry Eye or is it Allergies?

Well, of course, the answer may be it’s both! I get a lot of patients this time of year with dry eye symptoms – the dryness, scratchiness, burning, stinging, tired eyes, discomfort, variable vision – and the questions is… is this dry eye or is it allergies?

Contact Lenses Over 40?? YES!

If you are over the age of 40 (ish) and wear (or want to wear) contact lenses – then you’ve probably realized that reading and computer can be more difficult (this phenomenon is called “Presbyopia”). The good news is that there are some really excellent solutions available!

Dry Eye Treatment – Individualized

Consider an Individualized Approach to Dry Eye Treatment

Curious about Cataracts?

A Little Bit About Cataracts
Curious about cataracts?  Most people are… especially since we will all develop cataracts to some extent in our lifetimes – provided we live long enough.  Cataracts are a natural part of aging. That’s right… it happens to everyone, just like getting grey hair.  And the way I explain this to my patients is that - just like any age related change – it all depends on the individual as to how fast and how aggressive the cataract process is.  Several factors can cause the natural lens of the eye to age more quickly and I will go over those factors, but first, what are cataracts?