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Dry Eye and Scleral Lens Information Center

Hello!   And welcome to the new Dry Eye and Scleral Lens Information Center.   I do want to help get information out to you all to help guide, remind, and educate you on dry eye, scleral lenses, ocular health, technology, and anything else that might be useful knowledge that I can pass along!  Feel free to ask questions – DM on Instagram.  Or message on Facebook are probably the easiest way.

A little background on SEA and myself,  Dr. Telega – I am an optometrist and I started SEA in 2013 with a strong interest in dry eye (more on that later) and specialty contact lens fittings.  These two concepts go hand in hand and I felt they really were underserved in the Pittsburgh area.   Dry eye is more of an umbrella term, like “pink eye”, it doesn’t really mean much anymore.  Dry eye is multifactorial and oftentimes related to both internal and external causes.  And, in my opinion, “dry eye” really downplays how severe, painful, and life altering it can be.  But, I still use the term anyway….trust me though, I get it.  Ocular inflammation is more appropriate but still not specific enough.

So, I’m hoping to leave some information here from time to time to help anyone suffering to learn about new treatment options, and new science but without being too formal and science-y.   Also try to follow us on Instagram and facebook for images and helpful times as well.



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