Comprehensive Eye Exams

At shadyside eye associates, we do offer comprehensive medical eye exams to evaluate vision as well as the health of your eyes. We start with pretesting to obtain baseline measurements and images that we can then use to both treat and diagnose as well as monitor over time for changes. We take measurements to provide the best vision with glasses. We love fitting contact lenses for both “regular type” prescriptions as well as more complicated cases for presbyopia, astigmatism, dry eye, and corneal disease. And we always look at the health of the eyes from front to back to both detect and treat any ocular disease (ie glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, cataracts, ocular allergies, etc) as well as provide discussions for helping to prevent problems in the future.

Dr. Telega recommends a comprehensive eye exam every 1-2 years if you have great ocular health and stable vision. She recommends yearly exams for all contact lens patients, and yearly exams always after the age of 60, as you are at increased risk for age related eye diseases as you get older. ​​​​​​​