Ocular Aesthetics

Dr. Telega strongly believes that we don’t want to just “see” better but we want to “look” better. Tired, red, inflamed eyes are signs that we aren’t as healthy as we want to be or that we don’t look as healthy as we want to be. Chronically inflamed eyes cause accelerated aging, wrinkles, heaviness and drooping of the lids. We might also notice lash loss and thickened eye lids from lid disease. Lid conditions such as ocular rosacea, allergies, blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction are just a few conditions that contribute to us not looking and feeling our best.

For younger, whiter, brighter eyes – we take a whole ocular approach of both treating the inflammation, the underlying causes, and then considering topical medications for whitening the eyes and lifting the lids and/or procedure-based options. Procedures we offer at the office include IPL, Radiofrequency, and Microneedling to help tighten the thin skin and improve wrinkles and festoons. We all want tighter lids, fuller lashes, and brighter and whiter eyes and we can achieve that new technology.

We also take a comprehensive approach to lid hygiene – because everything gets better when you have a good at-home lid and skin regime.