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Introducing new scleral lens technology … The Eaglet!

I’m so excited to tell everyone that we have the Eaglet Scleral Profilometry technology here at the office!!   I have adopted this technology in February 2021 and am in love with what the unit is able to do.  If you are scleral lens wearer, then you know how huge this is because it can streamline the fitting process into less visits and more accurate diagnostic lenses.  This will result in that perfect final lens much faster.  And if you are new to sclerals, then lucky you! The fitting process will be so much less time consuming so that getting you into a well-fit, healthy, comfortable lens is achievable in much fewer trips to the office.


Scleral lenses are therapeutic type lenses to help achieve clearer vision for patients suffering from any type of corneal irregularity such as keratoconus, ectasias, post-corneal transplants, scarring, etc.   Also, scleral lenses can be an option for the treatment of dry eye and neurotrophic keratitis as they are able to create a micro-environment of moisture to bathe the cornea in….and yes, while still correcting vision.   Scleral lenses are incredible and can be life changing for many patients in many ways.   Please call the office if you need to schedule a scleral lens fitting or if you would just like to talk about whether these are an option for you.


I have been fitting these types of specialty lenses at Shadyside Eye Associates since I started the practice in 2013 and I’m in awe at the ever-increasing popularity of scleral lenses and the technology that is constantly advancing in lens types, options, fitting parameters, and so many other things.   I feel so lucky to be able to continually evolve and bring the latest technology into SEA to provide the absolute best experience and outcome for each individual patient that walks in.


The Eaglet! Incredible technology to improve the accuracy of the scleral lens fitting process.